MotoGP 2

Free version of the popular motorcycle racing game


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Experience the Realistic World of Speed Racers

The original Moto GP was a huge hit when it was released on the Xbox, leaving many PC gamers green with envy. This time around Moto GP is also available for the PC, but does the game translate well to this platform? Read on to find out.

Fans of real live Moto GP are sure to find that the action is well represented by this fast paced game. Twenty riders complete in each of the races, which adds a lot of actions and skill to the game. The high level of detail that the game provides really makes it come to life and is sure to make PC players feel that the wait was worthwhile. However, if you have been playing on the Xbox already, you may have a slight feeling that all this has been offered before.

One of the great things about the game is that it offers players a choice of six different modes to choose from. These include the regular GP mode, stunt, time trial and training challenges where players can really hone their skills. There are also sixteen different stunning tracks to play on and the action just keeps on coming. Gamers who are in to this style of racing will never become bored due to the sheer amount of options and styles that are available to choose from.

As players progress through the game they will be able to unlock more and more tracks as well as different riders and bikes. There are also special cheats that are available to unlock, which is a great twist for anyone who wants to put their own spin on things and focus on particular skills to give them the edge.

Although the game is absolutely packed with options, not many of the options as specific to the PC as yet. In order to make changes to the set up of the game it is necessary to exit and then relaunch to make the changes at the start. This is a rather small price to pay, however, considering the amount of options that are available at the very start of the game.

All of the major racers such as Max Biaggi, Valentino Rossi, Daijiro Kato and Sete Gibernau are well rendered in the game and are sure to make true fans stand up and cheer. Many of the series courses are also represented in impressive detail in the game such as Valencia, Suzuka and Brno. When it comes to the bikes themselves, they are also brought into play in great detail and gamers will want to keep on players and earning points so that they can unlock even more exciting bikes to zip along the tracks on.

One of the things that earns players points is pulling off special stunts. In addition to being a lot of fun to pull off, these stunts add an extra dimension to the game that helps to make it so much more than simply taking part in races.

For the first time ever, PC gamers can experience the fun of Moto GP from the comfort of their own home. Although all the elements of the original game are well represented here, some of the cool options that you would expect to find are strangely missing. The fact that there is plenty to do in the game helps to make up for this shortcoming, however.


  • The graphics are stunningly realistic
  • Nice sound effects
  • Experience the magic of Moto GP
  • Lots of things to unlock


  • Not many options to choose from
  • The controls are a bit limited
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